The Terror of Al' Kahir

Day 1

On day one, our adventurers, the rogues Shyko and Thelandra,and Meleena the druid, are in the town of Welfall.

This first day, Welfall is stricken by a small army of skeletons. Being a small to medium sized town, does not have a great army, and the militia hobbles to the line of battle to meet the skeletons, still pulling on armor and waking up. In the battle, one of our champions, Thelandra, stands on the front lines alongside the militia. As the battle rages, it is clear that the militia is getting the snot beat out of it. Several militia members fall right off the bat, the skeletons cleaving through their flesh. Thelandra fights with all her strength, but the waves of skeletal minions keep coming. Soon, after looting the stores of the towns-people, who have all come out to watch the battle, our other two adventurers, the rogue Shyko and the druid Meleena, decide to join the fray.

The battle lasts into the darkness of night. They fight very hard, and at the end of the battle, there is only one militia member left. Our adventurers have all been knocked unconscious at one point or another, but have healed themselves or otherwise are feeling better… until a giant, black skeleton begins rising from the ground.

Our adventurers vanquish this evil black creature, and take the giant acid-blast enchanted bastard sword that it carried, then return to the Tavern where they are staying. In the night, Shyko decides that the horse that he stole and used during the fight, and had to return at the end of the fight, is worth killing for. He steals into the window of the horse’s owner, and taking one of the skeleton’s remains, cuts K’garguul’s head clean off on his bed, making it seem as though the skeleton did the deed.


Korvis Korvis

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