The Terror of Al' Kahir

Day 2

In the morning, a new adventurer arrives. His name is Kaelyn Raiga, and he is a ranger. Meleena, with her advanced sense of smell, discovers the grisly scene that Shyko has left. She is unable to discover any clues that would lead to the murderer, however, is already very suspicious of Shyko from the day before. She searches all day for clues and tries to get Shyko to let on something, anything… but Shyko has a silver tongue, and reveals nothing that can be used against him. Meleena feels a need for closure to help K’garguul rest in peace. The need may be coming from her desire to bring Shyko to justice, or perhaps simply because she does not want to see him get away with it.

Shyko went to the stable to retrieve “his” horse, and the stable boy said he needed a bill of sale, or to speak with mr K’garguul himself, before handing over the horse. Shyko promptly forged a bill of sale, of near impeccable quality, and took “his” horse to a trainer. He was confronted outside of the stable by Meleena, who was desperate to pin the deed upon him. Unable to get him to give up any valuable information, Meleena had no choice but to simply stall him, and keep him from leaving. Unbeknownst to her, he was already being detained while “his” horse was being trained.

About this same time, Kaelyn decides that he is terribly poor, and needs to make some money. He believes his best chance is by asking around at a blacksmith. He is a great blacksmith, and should be able to make some high quality equipment for somebody willing to pay for it. He visits the local blacksmith, which just happens to be the same blacksmith that Thelandra knocked out and plundered while the skeleton battle was in raging. The blacksmith explains that he would love to pay Kaelyn for his skills, however, he is poor, because he was mugged the day before. He does have a good description of the fiend, however, which fits Thelandra perfectly. At the same time, Thelandra has consulted the messageboard in town and found an intriguing mission. The paper says to walk into the Black Unicorn Inn, and hold up the sheet. She does so, and a gnome gets up from his seat and taps her on the leg a few times as he passes her. She follows him into an alley, and he explains that he needs to have a gem retrieved from a moselleum in the graveyard. The details are sketchy, but she accepts the mission, and starts off. At the same time, Kaelyn spots Thelandra, and follows her. She eventually spots him, and sets off on a goose chase trying to lose him. She fails, and they end up in the graveyard together. After a short and heated conversation, it seems yet another silver-tongued devil is emerging in the form of Thelandra.


Korvis Korvis

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