The Terror of Al' Kahir

Day 3


On day 3, Shyko and Meleena split up, to meet later at The House of Sausage, the town butcher shop. Shyko heads to the mayor’s office and talks to the mayor. The mayor explains that a replacement police force/army is on the way from Celesthiem, although it is going to cost quite a bit of coin. Shyko offers his services to the mayor to train a police force in time to be able to save him money on the borrowed forces. The mayor tentatively accepts, figuring that if it saves him money, it saves him money, and if it does not, it does not.

Shyko moves on to the House of Sausage to meet back up with Meleena soon after securing a rented horse.

Meleena, when the two split up, goes to the forest and enjoys prancing through the woods and a creek.

Meleena gets back early, right before Shyko, and is greeted by a man clad in heavy, fancy armor and a white cloak with a red line down the middle. Nicknaming this new man “Templar”, the two wait for Shyko to arrive, which happens to be only minutes later. Templar explains that he has a proposition from the Good King Milton. He does not explain the details, but asks that they remain around until he can find the other victors of the Battle of Welfall, and sets off to stay at the Black Unicorn for the night.

Meleena and Shyko ignore ‘Templar’ and decide to go on with their business in the neighboring town. Out of nowhere, a pixie appears out of invisibility, and explains that he is the partner of Omar ‘Templar’, and that their goal is to grant the victors of the Battle of Welfall a place in the army of the Good King Milton.

“The good king milton is hated by many. They hate him because he has given away much of the kingdom’s glory and gold to smaller villages. There are many who love the good king milton, however, those who hate him are very powerful, and some have control over dark and powerful forces.
bq). Me and omar are part of the king’s guard. The good king milton has tasked us to create an army. Our kingdom has never had need of an army before, but we need one now. The good king is willing to reward you greatly when kerik’s forces are defeated with any of many things, including gold, baronship, or land. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to gain something you never could have gained before.”

After having the situation fully explained, Meleena and Shyko decide to stay in Welfall for now and handle their own business before continuing. Shyko decides to search out the thieves guild in town. He finds a contact, and asks this contact who he would need to speak to about getting a job or helping out. He is directed to a woman named “Catherine”, who is staying at the Black Unicorn Inn. He gets to the Black Unicorn Inn, and speaks with “Catherine”. She explains that in order for him to become an initiate in the Welfall Thieves Guild, Shyko will need to go across the street and take a certain file that the sheriff has held on the guild for a very long time. Shyko accepts.

Thelandra enters the mausoleum that is supposed to contain the jewel she needs to retrieve. There is nothing in the mausoleum, however, she finds a secret entrance. It leads to a tunnel, the tunnel goes on for a while with prison doors along it, and she enters a penis-shaped chamber where she quickly finds out that the gnome she received the quest from wants more from her than a simple task. His zombie minions attack, and Kaelyn enters, following her and the noises into the mausoleum and down below. He fights multiple zombies, and so does Thelandra, however, Thelandra ends up tossing the gnome (Expertly) into the final zombie, and escaping, with many potions and oils.

Thelandra goes to have the potions and oils identified, and decides to keep them all, rather than sell them. She goes to the sheriff’s office. The sheriff is buried under piles of work, and appreciates any help he can get, directing her to several file-folders containing files on some identified groups within Welfall. She chooses to pursue the case of the jewelry store robbery, and goes off to investigate it.

Shyko accepts the task Catherine asks of him, and goes across the street from the Black Unicorn, to the sheriff’s office. At the sheriff’s office, he comes off quite intimidating, and the sheriff seems much more shrewd than he had previously let on, backing off and asking Shyko to leave. Shyko makes up an excuse for why he wants to stay, but it is pitiful, and he eventually does leave. Before leaving he shows the sheriff that the bars on one of the windows to one of the jail cells is open, then leaves, and goes outside to set a trap. When the Sheriff goes out to check on it, he is caught in the trap, and to spite being cautious and shrewd, it is not enough. He is knocked out. Shyko goes into the office and takes the files, then dumps the content of many drawers and folders out onto the sheriff’s desk to throw any would-be detectives off the true motive.

He leaves the sheriff office, and after a short trail-losing trip, arrives at the Black Unicorn Inn, proceeding to speak to Catherine.

Thelandra investigates the lead in the jewelry store robbery, and to spite her original suspicions, finds that the culprits are a short woman in a black, bulging cloak, with a scar of some kind across her face, along with a boy with long black hair and a boy with short blonde hair. She tracks them to a hole in the ground, which she follows for several minutes. The trail underground leads to the alley behind the Black Unicorn Inn. Thelandra comes out and heads to the front door of the Black Unicorn Inn, when she hears muffled shouting across the street behind the Sheriff’s office. She goes to investigate, and finds the Sheriff bound and gagged behind the office. She unties him, and going inside, he explains what happened, and his suspicion that Shyko is the one who attacked him. On the small desk where she left the profiles, there is nothing. They come to the conclusion that the most likely sequence of events is that somebody was trailing Thelandra, and when somebody realized that she was investigating, Shyko took the profiles, hoping to eliminate any intelligence the Sheriff’s office had on whatever group is behind the burglary of the jewelry shop. Thelandra goes across the street to the Black Unicorn Inn to continue her investigation of the burglary. Seeing Shyko sitting with Catherine, she decides to sit down and try to eavesdrop.


Korvis Korvis

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